Why Finding Your Soul Tribe Is Essential To Creating Wealth.

When it comes to money and finance, we rarely talk about them positively in the same breath as love and relationships. In fact, more often than not, love and relationships are the first things we sacrifice when we're on the hunt for that money bag. It isn't until we lose the people and the things that money can't buy that we truly realize where our greatest sources of wealth really come from.

Wanna know why the rich really do get richer? Because they make money with their friends.

While that fact may not sit well with many people, the principle is a fundamental element of human nature. People deal with people they know, like and trust whether that be in life or in business. And rightfully so, right? If you're going to entrust a very important task to someone, you will more than likely first choose to turn to someone that's already within your innermost circle.

One of the most challenging and painful lessons that I've come to learn along my journey in life + money is that the people within your innermost circle have the power to make or break you life and your bank account. One rotten apple truly does have the power to spoil the bunch. The saddest thing about that is that no matter how much you may want to help save a "rotten apple" (aka a toxic person in your life), sometimes the "rotten apple" ends up spoiling you instead. Not to say that you shouldn't help or support people who have temporarily lost their way or that people can't truly change, but each individual must want to change and be willing to take the necessary steps to do what it takes or else they will just bring everyone else down with them.

The second most challenging and painful lesson that I've also come to learn along my journey in life + in money is that your innermost circle are not always the ones who will truly understand you or want the best for you.

We all come into this world with a built-in innermost circle. That innermost circle is usually made up of our blood family, relatives, and our childhood friends. Unfortunately, sometimes it is that blood family or those relatives and childhood friends that break us down the most either mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically or financially.

If you've ever been backstabbed or betrayed by someone in your innermost circle, know that it doesn't have to be that way anymore. You have the power to choose.

The greatest thing about being an adult is that you get to choose who you will allow into your most sacred space. No one has the right to inflict harm on you regardless of whether you share the same DNA or last name. PeriodT. The people in your innermost circle are either breathing life into you or sucking the life out of you. Choose them wisely. Your life and ultimately your prosperity are depending on it.

You become like the people that you choose to expose yourself to. So, ask yourself: Who do you spend the most time with? Who are the people you most admire? Are those two groups of people the same? If they're not, why not?

Also, when it comes to personal growth and success, you accelerate the momentum by spending time with people who either inspire you to do better and be better or already are who you want to become. They will infect you with the behaviors and attitudes that helped them achieve their success, making it more likely that you will realize similar results in your life. People's energy is infectious. Is the energy of the people closest to you worth catching?

In 2021 and beyond, commit to finding your people where you feel a sense of belonging, community, and trust. Add or subtract people from your life as necessary without the guilt. Not only will your own mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health thank you for it, but you're also guaranteed to see increases in your financial abundance and prosperity as well. But how will you know who your people really are?

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and it feels like they just get you?

You feel an instant connection because they see you in a way that very few other people do. It truly takes a different kind of person to hear all of the things that you don't say. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to be profoundly seen and understood by another. Those are the people who are meant to be in your soul tribe. They are your chosen family.

A soul tribe is a group of people who get you. They understand you, they resonate with you, they inspire you, they empower you, they share similar values, and most importantly of all, they see who you are at the core and they see your authentic self even past the masks that we tend to put on. They are your support system. Your life line. They are wholehearted and passion-driven people. Their hearts are big, their thoughts are deep, and their words are enriching. They are the ones who don't abandon you when you are lost, but will instead non-judgmentally support you as you find your way back again.

Choose the people who choose you. The ones who recognize you from the jump. Not the ones who make you feel like loving you is hard. Choose the ones who value honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability just as much as you do. The ones who appreciate you being real with them, because you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not when you’re around them. The ones who allow you to show up as you are. The ones who feel like home and an adventure all at once.

Trust does not come easily, but it comes easily with your soul tribe. Although you probably won't sign a physical contract, a mutual unspoken agreement gets created that turns your connection into a safe and sacred space. A real place. An honest place. A place where you are seen, heard, supported, and loved. Your soul tribe want to see you grow (and not secretly hope you’re going to fail), because seeing you grow inspires them to grow as well. You all inspire each other to be better people.

You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago, an hour ago, or even a year ago. All life is growth. Just because someone was in your life 5 minutes, one hour or 5 years ago doesn't mean they get to be in your life 5 minutes, one hour or 5 years from now.

You and your soul tribe are all on a journey. As individuals, but together. Isn’t that amazing? In a society that celebrates and breeds competition, it is liberating to break away from that and bring collaboration and community into your life instead. To bravely say, "Competition is what I’ve been taught. In fact, I believed in it for a long time, but now I am letting it go and allowing community into my life.” You are all on a journey of getting closer to your individual truth. Together.

Go towards the people, places, and things that get you closer to your truth. Your truth has beauty and it has power. Do not be afraid of it. There are people who believe in the beauty and power of your dreams, your message, and your mission just as much as you do. Find them, support them, and let them support you. Give as much as you receive. Reciprocity is a beautiful thing.

Stepping into a new life with new people will be scary. But don't be afraid of the shift. You and your future are worth it.

“We belong to each other.”

- Glennon Doyle Melton

In life and in money, I make it a habit to choose people who make me feel like my favorite Lenny Kravitz song:

Here is to your new start in life and in finances! Stay fabulous, fierce + financially savvy bellas.

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