The Essential Skill For Success No One Talks About Enough

When I set off on my journey to get serious about my money, I was fortunate enough to learn from brilliant minds from distinct professions and from distinct walks of life. As these individuals generously shared their million dollar advice with me over a cup of coffee, a phone call, or along a stroll through the park, it didn’t take long for me to realize that each and every single one of them had mastered one similar skill. A skill that seemed to be a prerequisite for massive success. That skill was knowing when to lace your shoes up, grab your sh*t and get the f*ck on. Or, said in a more eloquent way, they knew the art of knowing when to call it quits.

Achieving success in any area whether it’s in life, love, or money, without a doubt requires profound dedication to a vision, together with the ability to stick to that vision and persevere despite the inevitable challenges. When you think of successful people, you don’t typically think of them as quitters. Yet, from my experience, I’ve come to view successful people as some of the biggest quitters around. The difference is that they hold steady to a worthwhile vision while quitting, letting go, and moving on from all the people, places, and things that prove to be deterrents to that vision. Whether it’s a personal setback, a failed relationship, or a bad investment, successful people don’t make it a habit to stay stuck in the past for too long. Just long enough to mourn the loss and learn the lessons in order to move forward without sabotaging their future success. The faster you quit on what is not working, the faster you can move on to the things that will work.

For most of us, letting go and moving on can be two of the most difficult things to do.

By nature, we are creatures of comfort and having to cut ties with what we’ve known and what has been familiar are things that typically don't feel good. However, the sad truth is that more often than not, our comfort zone will be the place where most of our dreams will go to die. When you accept living and existing only within your comfort zone, you seize to grow and improve as an individual which can ultimately put you at risk of having to accept highly undesirable and unfulfilling situations in life, love, and money.

Admittedly, stepping outside of your comfort zone is a scary thing to do. Trekking into unknown territory can mean making mistakes and failing at what you set to accomplish. For a majority of us, when we fail at anything, we take it extremely hard and we take it very personal. We unconsciously allow our perceived failures to serve as blows to our self-esteem, ultimately leaving us feeling defeated and less deserving of what we truly want. Regretfully, past failures can be so devastating to our self-esteem that even when we do receive million-dollar advice, we won't actually act on it because internally we don't feel worthy enough.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas A. Edison

All too often, we also let our perceived failures of the past linger too on long and weigh us down so much that we lose valuable time, energy, and momentum. The exact time, energy, and momentum that we’ll need in order to craft a life that can be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally fulfilling. While there is no safeguard against failure, the trick is to learn how to fail fast, cut your losses, and bounce back in a manner that is conducive to preserving two of life’s most precious forms of currency: health + time.

If it wasn’t for the art of moving the f*ck on, none of us would be where we are today. In the past (whether it was voluntarily or not), we’ve all had to close one door in order to open a new one, which ultimately lead to new beginnings, new people, new environments, new entanglements, new careers, and new breakthroughs.

Most of us dream of being more, feeling more, having more, seeing more, doing more, and experiencing more, but few of us will dare to deliberately create the space in our lives for those experiences. Remember that the Higher Power (whomever yours so happens to be) cannot fill a void that does not exist.

When you deliberately create space for the new, you allow yourself to receive the new.

Whether it’s in life, love, or money, no one can truly tell you when it’s time to quit something. When you’re truly ready to quit on a person, place, or thing, you’ll just know. When the heart knows, the heart knows. The trick is to silence the outside noise long enough to hear what it is that your heart is trying to tell you.

Knowing when to leave the party, the relationship, or the job is a critical skill you must master for success in life, love + money.

Moving the fuck on isn’t easy and it isn’t painless. Some people, places, and things are easier to quit on than others. But for the ones that played a truly significant role in your life, quitting on them is going to suck and it’s probably going to hurt, like, a lot. But the Universe/God/Dios/Deus/Jah/Source/Spirit/The Divine/The Most High will reward you for heeding the signs that have been showing you that you are not where you are truly meant to be. Whatever is taken from you or whatever you had to leave behind will undoubtedly be replaced by something that will be even better for you. You have to trust that, beloved.

When you commit to learning and embracing the skill and the art form of quitting and moving the f*ck on from all that no longer serves you, you intentionally give yourself permission to quit on the people, places, and things that feel like you are perpetually trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The same people, places, and things that no matter how you put your thing down, flip it and reverse it, still make your soul scream at you, “This ain’t it, boo.”

Best of all, when you learn the skill and the art of knowing when to call it quits, you give yourself permission to override your ego that wants you to continue in soul-crushing situations because of what other people might think, because you don't want to look dumb, because it's "easier", because it feels “safe” or it's familiar. It will be then that you can finally, finally, finally go in the direction of the people, places, and things that can truly feed your soul.

Stay fabulous, fierce, and financially-savvy bellas (beauties)!