5 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Financial Act

Whether it's new year, new you or you've just had enough of feeling out of control in your daily life when it comes to your finances, here are 5 steps that can jumpstart your journey towards cleaning up your financial act:

01.// Know your numbers.

First do some auditing of where all your money is at. Credit card balances, available credit, income, expenses, liquid cash in bank or investment accounts, etc. Make a list of it all so you know what you have and what you're working with. Do the same thing for all of your debts too. Get clear on your numbers so you know what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

02.// Save, no matter what.

Even if you save only a few dollars at first, get in the habit of always paying yourself first for all of your hard work.

It's the payments that you make to yourself for your hard work that will keep you from working hard for the rest of your life.

03.// Autopay all your monthly bills.

Nothing will take a toll on your credit score and ultimately your pocketbook faster than late payments on your credit cards and other loans. When you enroll in autopay, making monthly payments on time will be one less thing that you'll have to remember.

04.// Make a money plan.

Give your money something to do. Whether it's pay a bill, go into your emergency fund, or accrue interest for you, make sure you are always telling your money where to go before you have to look around and wonder where it went. Creating a plan for your money will depend on your individual situation but I will share the money plan I created for myself when I set off on my own journey to get and feel more in control of my finances. My life has become insanely more complicated so my plan has changed significantly but feel free to use this as a framework for crafting your own money plan:

05.// Keep learning + growing.

They say that knowledge is power but realistically, knowledge is only potential power. Knowledge put into action is true power. No amount of advice or tips + tricks will change your situation in life, love or money if you are not ready to commit to making the changes necessary to change your situation.

When it comes to your financial life, it can be tough to finally take that leap of faith into the new life that you've been really desiring. Remember that nothing great was ever accomplished alone so be patient with yourself as you call in the people, places + things that can support you in getting to that next level in your life and in your finances.

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Here is to your new start in life and in finances!

Stay fabulous, fierce + financially savvy bellas.