Hispanic Heritage Month - Latinas Leading The Way

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by commemorating the stories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. As Latinas continue to make historic workforce, educational and political gains within the U.S. and across the globe, commemorating the blood, sweat, and tears de nuestras hermanas (of our sisters) who have ventured into unchartered territory is a privilege and a duty that all Latinas can embrace this month and every month of the year. Get to know three Latinas that have defied social, cultural, and gender stereotypes throughout many generations and have become pioneers in their respective fields:

Ellen Ochoa - First Latina Astronaut in Space

Born in Los Angeles, California, Ellen Ochoa immersed herself in the sciences, graduating from San Diego State University with a bachelor's in physics and later received her master of science and doctorate degrees at Stanford University. She was selected by NASA in 1990 and in 1991 became the world's first Hispanic female astronaut. Ochoa completed a total of four space missions during her career at NASA and would make history once again when she became the first Latina director of the agency's Johnson Space Center in 2013. 

Sonia Sotomayor - First Latina U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Born in the Bronx, New York, Sonia Sotomayor became a U.S. District Court Judge in 1992 and was elevated to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in 1998. In 2009, she was confirmed as the first Latina Supreme Court justice in U.S. history. Having graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx, Sotomayor later entered the Ivy League school, Princeton University. 

Maria Elena Salinas - First Latina Journalist to Win a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award

Born in Los Angeles, California, Maria Elena Salinas is distinguished for being the longest-running female TV news anchor in the U.S. and the first Latina to earn a Lifetime Achievement Emmy. Having attended East Los Angeles Community College then later graduating from University of California Los Angeles, Salinas is known as the "Voice of Hispanic America” and has proudly proclaimed, ”As long as I have a voice, I will always use it to speak on their behalf.”

Blazing trails and being the first in their class are tremendous accomplishments and these Latinas have proven that they have risen to the challenge. Whether household names or not, all Latinas have the power to become inspirational female leaders by first surpassing the obstacles that threaten to slow their progress down. 

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