Wealthy Latina Financial Success Planner


The Wealthy Latina Financial Success Planner is a 20+ page printable digital download that can inspire you to plan, prepare, and stay organized when it comes to your finances.  


The Dinero Workbook is a 24+ page fillable, printable digital workbook that can support you as you jumpstart your journey to pay down debt, up your savings + invest your dinero

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The Modern Mujer's Guide To Credit by La


The Modern Mujer's Guide to Credit is an 18+ page digital download beginner's guide to understanding, building, and improving your credit.

audio training

In this short audio training, you will learn 7 of Janet's manifesting tips to create more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't so you can work smarter, not always harder at attracting the things and experiences that you desire to have in your own life.

Coming soon.

The Art of Manifesting