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I Speak Dinero™


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Latina Money is a financial empowerment platform designed to ignite + fuel wealth creation for the modern Latina. 


Founded by Janet Cruz Padrón, Janet believes in the massive power that "talking money" can have in positively transforming and elevating cultures and communities. By fusing education, entrepreneurship, media, technology, and storytelling, Latina Money is empowering modern women, as well as communities of color to lift the taboo and harness the tremendous power that money has to write and rewrite cultural narratives.

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money for the modern mujer.

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Men & Money.

In Latina Money’s series, Men & Money, I dive deep into the beautiful minds of high value men to share their valuable investment advice in life, love and business.This may be a man’s world, but guess what? It would be nothing without a woman or a girl in their corner and we’re talking about it! Let’s learn from one another and empower + elevate the work and the voices of our counterparts. We truly are stronger together. This season, it's time to put some incredible men in the hot seat! Y’all ready? 



Latina Money Podcast.

As a Millennial Latina influencer, financial educator, host and voice behind the Latina Money podcast, Janet Cruz Padrón speaks money and wealth with successful entrepreneurs, amazing creatives, and industry elites to share exclusive insider tips, wisdom + actionable tips that all modern women can use to build wealth and create smart and savvy income. Tune into the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio.

Latina Money Podcast



Where modern mujeres master money-making.

Dinero School by Latina Money was created to meet the profound need for accessible, affordable, and culturally-relevant financial education. By investing in the economic empowerment of communities of color, we can accelerate the momentum towards equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Check out some of our featured masterclasses:

Dinero School by Latina Money
Dinero School by Latina Money
Dinero School by Latina Money



Get to know your finances.

While knowledge is only potential power, action is where the real magic happens, baby! Snag Latina Money's digital and printable workbooks, guides, and planners that were created to support you as you jumpstart your own journey towards financial wellness. Get to know your dinero. Get to know your options. Get to know the strategies. Get organized with your finances.

A Modern Babe's Guide



Financial Empowerment Workshop.

As the founder of Latina Money, Janet Cruz Padrón believes in the massive power that "talking money" can have in positively transforming and elevating cultures and communities. With her signature workshop, How To Cultivate Financial Self-Love™, Janet equips and empowers audiences with tips and tools to soothe financial anxiety and catalyze + cultivate financial wellness.

How To Cultivate Financial Self-Love wit



When mujeres stay silent, everyone loses.

I Speak Dinero™ is Latina Money's signature merchandise collection paying tribute to that guerrera (warrior) spirit passed down to us from our ancestors that continues to live and breathe through us in this current day. That's the same warrior spirit which we must call upon and tap into as we venture into the depths of a realm that has the power to give us life or bring us slow death, money. 

I Speak Dinero by Latina Money.png
I Speak Dinero



501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the research + study 

of the Latina wealth gap.


Advance awareness of the Latina wealth gap and it's impact at an individual, societal, and global level through leading edge research + innovative solutions.

Latina Money Institute



Financial Empowerment Events With A Twist.

Drinks + Dinero is Latina Money's signature financial empowerment event creating community and empowering audiences through a live panel of experts, creatives and influencers followed by a mix and mingle.

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