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Latina Money is a financial empowerment platform designed to ignite + fuel wealth creation for the modern Latina. 


Founded by Janet Cruz Padrón, Janet believes in the massive power that "talking money" can have in positively transforming and elevating cultures and communities. By fusing education, media, technology, and storytelling, Latina Money is empowering modern women to lift the taboo and harness the tremendous power that money has to write and rewrite cultural narratives.


As the host and voice behind the Latina Money podcast, Janet now speaks money and wealth with successful entrepreneurs, amazing creatives, and industry elites to share exclusive insider tips, wisdom + actionable tips that all modern women can use to build wealth and create smart and savvy income.

money for the modern mujer.



When mujeres stay silent, everyone loses.

2019 has marked a pivotal year for women and we have a front row seat. The 116th Congress made history with the number of women, African-American and Hispanic members sworn into office. With a record 127 women serving in Congress, and 25 more in the Senate, you can bet that tremendous generational, racial and ideological change is on the horizon. Yet, we still have much work to do.


As the lowest paid demographic in the United States, the battle is still an uphill one for mujeres like ourselves. But with the resilience and determination that personifies Latinx, I am confident that our impact will be seismic.


#ISpeakDinero is our signature collection paying tribute to that guerrera spirit passed down to us from our ancestors that continues to live and breathe through us in this current day. That's the same warrior spirit which we must call upon and tap into as we venture into the depths of a realm that has the power to give us life or bring us slow death, money. 


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